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Tips to Make Your Bathroom Mildew-Proof

Tips to Make Your Bathroom Mildew-Proof

Your bathroom is an area that is most subjected to moisture. This is the reason why it is more prone to mildew build up. People wisely choose tiles that resist the growth of mold and mildew. Porcelain tile is a great choice. These tiles are also more beautiful than other tiles. Compare a unique porcelain floor tile to other options. You will find that a porcelain tile is more beautiful and suitable for bathroom floors and walls. However, installing porcelain tiles is not enough. Your bathroom is plagued with lack of ventilation and excess moisture. This makes your bathroom more susceptible to mildew. You can see fungus appearing on grout, tiles or walls. This can trigger allergies, respiratory issues and a slew of other health problems. 

Here are some tips to make your bathroom mildew-proof. 

Use Mildew-Resistant Paint

A steamy shower leaves moisture on the walls of your bathroom. Wall tiles absorb this moisture. This leads to the growth of mildew. If you have tiles installed on bathroom walls, replace them with porcelain tiles. These tiles are really good at resisting mildew. Similarly, you can also choose a mildew-resistant paint. Bathroom walls will get extra protection. 

Ensure Proper Ventilation 

Damp places are ideal for mildew to thrive. Your bathroom is wet most of the time. This makes it a perfect breeding ground. You need to remove excess moisture. When you are taking a shower, turn the exhaust fan on. Don’t turn it off for 30 minutes after a steamy shower. This will dry the floor, ceiling and walls properly. Open the bathroom window. 

Let in Light 

Dark places are ideal for mildew-growth. So, think again if you are going to shut off the bathroom lights, especially after a shower. You can avoid fungus with the lights on a timer. Whenever possible, leave bathroom curtains open. 

Mop up Water

Remove excess water quickly to avoid mildew. Leave no drips on walls, tiles or tubs. Squeeze and mop up water to leave everything dry. 

Fix Leakes 

You need to quickly clean up pools of water in the shower or sink. What about smaller drips? When you notice leaks by the toilet or under the sink, you need to do something about it. Hire a plumber for the repair work.

Clean Everything Around the Shower 

Scrubbing the tiles and mopping the floor is not enough. Take care of every single item around the shower. Wash hand towels and shower curtains on a regular basis. Pay special attention to neglected places.   

Seal Grout Lines 

Grout lines are porous. This is the reason why grout lines are more susceptible to mildew build up. Sealing grout lines repels moisture and germs. Both germs and moistures contribute to the growth of mildew. 

Keep it Clean  

Clean your bathroom on a regular basis. Not cleaning your bathroom regularly encourages mildew growth. Moreover, you will have more work to do. 

Put in Practice 

In the end, it’s time to put these tips into practice. Prevention is better than cure. Hope these tips will help you in preventing mildew growth.    

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