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Lamps and Lighting – Stimulate the Dark Room

Lamps and Lighting – Stimulate the Dark Room

Lighting plays a major role in everyone’s life. An attractive lighting arrangement brings a whole new look to the place. A variety of lamps and lightings are used for varied purposes. Lightings are used for decoration, for brighten up the area in dark and many more. An appropriate arrangement of lamps and lighting can change the look of the room. Lightings can make it look much wider and airy in comparison to its actual condition.


A soothing lighting arrangement will make you feel relaxed after the tiring work of whole day. Lamps and lightings fulfill our so many objectives. People use it for safety and security purposes and also for performing activities in the room. In a dark room, lighting brings a sensational effect with stimulating atmosphere in the room. Lightings are easy to install and very inexpensive too. A variety of lightings are designed by the manufacturer studying its varied purposes.


Some of the popular lamps and lighting are:-


  •   Portable lighting: As its name depicts, portable lamps and lightings can be moved from one corner of the room to other as per the requirement. They are available in many forms allowing the flexibility in all designs.


  •   Table lamps: They are specifically designed to be placed on the tables to light up the dark corners of the room. They are usually placed on the end-table or buffet. Table lamps and lighting cast omni-directional or unfocused light.


  •   Desk lamps: These lamps and lightings

are generally used to brighten up the specific area. They are placed on the tables for reading purposes. They illuminate the smaller area intensely. For this type of lamps and lightings, it is recommended to place the source 15 inches above the desk level.


  •   Armed lamps: These are special type of lamps and lightings with a movable arm to direct the direction of the light. These lamps and lightings are used to illuminate the smaller areas for specific purposes. If you are using it for reading purpose, keep the source 15 inches above the book level. Armed lamps are generally fixed up in the wall with hard wires to save the space on the table. And can work efficiently for all purposes.


  •   Floor lamps: These lamps and lightings are free from distracting glares and shades. It gives omni-directional unfocused lighting to brighten up all the dark corner of the room. These lamps and lightings are appropriate to use beside the sofa or sitting arrangement.


  •   Torchieres: These lamps and lightings are the tall floor lamps which diffuses the light upwards. They are generally used in the places with higher ceilings. For ambient and general purposes, torchieres lamps and lighting are used.


Along with the type of lamps and lighting you are using to illuminate the room, the placement of the source plays a major role in creating a relaxed ambience.

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