Never Have I Ever – Great Game for Every Party

When you plan a party with friends, be it for birthday, or any other special occasion, it’s extremely important to prepare great food and buy enough drinks for everyone. What many people forget to plan, though, is an entertaining program. Guests should never be bored and remember the party for a long time.

Obviously, you can just sit and talk, especially if you haven’t seen one another for a while. Telling interesting stories or jokes never gets boring, however you can do the program even better and prepare some party games, which will multiply the fun. There are many fun games such as “who am I”, treasure hunters, beer pong, activities, actors and so on.

In this article, we will focus on one of the most popular party games – “Never have I ever”. The biggest advantage of this game is that it almost never gets old, so you can play it for the whole night till you are all too drunk.

“Never Have I Ever”, also known as “Ten Fingers”, is a great drinking game, where players ask other players, what they haven’t done in their life. Anyone, who did the said thing, has to drink.

If you play with kids and also watchcartoononline or adolescents, there is also a non-drinking version of the game.


What are the rules of “Never have I ever”?

You can play many different versions of this game but the rules are pretty basic:


1) Drinking version

The drinking version of Never Have I Ever is by far the most popular. The rules are very simple. The first player starts asking: “Never have I ever…” and follows with a statement of what she or he has never done before. For instance: “Never have I ever got a speeding ticket”.


Everyone, who got a speeding ticket, has to drink.

If only one other player did the said thing (or if the statement is very interesting), he or she can explain the story behind that.

After that, the next player follows with another question with something they haven’t ever done. Usually, nobody wins, the game continues until everybody is drunk and unable to play anymore.

If you are looking for some inspiration for questions, check this ultimate list of Never Have I Ever Questions for Adults.


2) Points version (fingers version)

The basic rules are the same as with the drinking version, the difference is that players don’t drink. This version is great if you play with kids or teenagers.

Every player starts having 10 points. This version is named “fingers version” because it was originally played with hand fingers, representing 10 points. After one player says a “Never Have I Ever” statement, everyone, who has done that, loses one point. Who loses all points (fingers), is eliminated.

The last standing player wins the game.


3) Candy version (for kids)

If you want to play Never Have I Ever with children, you can opt for a candy version.

Every player starts with 10 pieces of candy. Anyone, who has done the said statement, has to eat one piece of candy. 

Who eats all of their candy is eliminated. The last player, who stays in the game, is the winner.

If you are looking for some inspiration for questions, check this ultimate list of Never Have I Ever Questions for Kids.


4) Right or wrong version

Another version, which is a little bit different from the others.

One player says one “Never have I ever…” statement.

The remaining players try to guess, if they think the said thing is true or false. The first player then reveals if they have done that or not. Anyone, who guessed that right, gets one point.

If you play this version, it’s good to prepare a sheet of paper and a pen to register the points.


5) Dirty version

If you are a group of good friends, who are mature enough, you can play a dirty version of this game. It’s the same as the drinking version, just with little spicy questions.

If you are looking for some inspiration for questions, check this ultimate list of Dirty Never Have I Ever Questions.

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