10 Tips For Writing An Excellent Essay

Writing sometimes can pose as one of the hardest activities for students to face while in school. Writing itself is a demanding task that requires skill, hard work, and persistence to be good at it. But looking at our world today, I guess the educational system has been on a decline with technology one of the factors causing it.   […]

A Guide to Premed Volunteering Opportunities

Looking for healthcare settings where you can volunteer? Volunteering makes you a strong applicant for a medical school. You have a good GPA and good MCAT score, letter of recommendations, significant healthcare volunteering/shadowing experience, and you meet all other requirements to get through the extraordinarily competitive medical school admissions process. If you are a strong applicant, you can secure a […]

How Does Screenless Coding Robot for Kids Make Learning Fun

Introducing coding to kids through toys empowers STEM thinking. A screenless coding robot for kids provides a hands-on coding experience without using books or screens. A STEM robot uses simple symbol designs and challenging games to make kids understand coding while having fun. Learn how a coding robot helps children grow their skill levels. WALL-E, Sid the Science Kid, and […]