Light Up the Fires! Know the best types of firewoods for your next campaign trip!

Light Up the Fires! Know the best types of firewoods for your next campaign trip!

Firewoods are a great choice for heating your homes, but what about campfires? Now that it’s the fall of seasons and you are already geared up for campaigning, are you sure you have kept everything in handy?

Times have become hard on us, and we all deserve to disconnect from the digital world and experience nature and the real warmth of adventure. Of course, you can have everything you need, but the main ingredient of the campfire is firewood. 

When you connect with nature, you will want to strike a balance between fun and ecology. It’s our planet, and it’s us who shall be its caretakers. So when you chose to burn the eco-friendly mixed hardwood, you chose nature and your responsibility towards it. 

The mixed load of eco-hardwood consists of redgum, ironbark, box, stringybark firewood, blue gum and other quality burning species. It is suitable for open fires and combustion fireplaces.

So when you are selecting the firewoods for campaigning, they should provide you with plenty of heat, last for a solid amount of time, and give off minimal smoke and sparks.


The Douglas Firs have typically straight trunks with just a small portion of branches. If you plan to take your backyard wood for campaigning, we recommend you wait for about a year before you take it. They tend to have a wonderful smell and get easily chopped into two pieces. 


Madrone is a dense hardwood that is known for its blistering flames. It is considered clean firewood since it produces a very little amount of ash. Madrone is a type of fire that is easily cut when it is green and wet. Fried Madrone requires more elaborate tools or labour.


Maple is a dense wood, difficult to chop but burns for a longer time with strong flames. On the other hand, the red maple woods can produce high intense heat with very little smoke. 


Oak is supremely pricier than the others, but for all genuine reasons. Oak burns slowly without sparks and generates a wealth of heat. Oak is a massive heat storage, with variety generated over a while.

Stringybark Firewood:

The stringybark firewood exhibits moderate strength and durability. It burns with a slow flame, making it an excellent slow burner, making it ideal for roasting.

Black Cherry:

Black Cherry wouldn’t give you much trouble, and you can easily split it into two. It gives off usual sparks but little smoke. Its delightful aroma is like a cherry on the cake with the solid amount of heat it generates.

So when you are considering discovering your soul in the woods with your close ones, then make sure you don’t miss out on the most amazing campsites with the most delightful food to make your trip more memorable and adventurous. Also, since the cold is arriving, you might want to consider buying the bulk firewood NSW for sale and keep the stock handy.

Sydney Firewoods are responsible sellers of firewood, and members of the Firewood Association of Australia Incorporated (the FAA). Suppliers who are members of the FAA will comply with the Code of Practice that they have set out and use firewood from sustainable sources, reducing damage to the environment.

Connect with the best suppliers who will cater to your needs and provide you with the most environmentally conscious firewoods for all your needs.

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