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Air Hockey Tables That Will Last For Years

There are a lot of air hockey tables available on the market. They can range in price from under 100 to several thousand dollars. To keep costs down and find a table that will fill your needs and last for years to come, there are certain things to keep in mind about the different table types and their purposes.

First decide what kind of table is best for the situation. Someone who is interested in playing air hockey competitively will want a USAA tournament approved table while someone looking to have fun with friends will do well with a smaller, cheaper table.

Smaller tables, better for casual players, tend to be the cheapest and are durable enough for moderate use, but will begin to show lots of wear with heavy use. These tables also tend to be two in one, meaning that there are two games that can be played on the table. Two in one tables can include games like foosball, pool and even have a basketball hoop and backboard.

There are air hockey tables that are more expensive and come in a number of sizes like full, medium and arcade. These tables are of higher quality and are able to endure much more frequent use. Tables that are approved for tournaments will stand up to use better still. These pro tables are much more resistant to dents and paint peeling, but that comes with higher costs. Finally, there are tables that are built to be used in arcades which are made to be used by many people who are not concerned with the upkeep of the table. Arcade tables also come with lots of accessories like scorekeepers and music that will raise the price.

Tournament tables are built to the highest standard. They tend to be eight feet long and built of strong material, including polystyrene legs, aluminum rails, strong surfaces resistant to dents and dings, and patented blower systems so the puck never stops on the table. With some maintenance, these tables can last for years without game quality being compromised.


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