A Guide to Premed Volunteering Opportunities

A Guide to Premed Volunteering Opportunities

Looking for healthcare settings where you can volunteer? Volunteering makes you a strong applicant for a medical school. You have a good GPA and good MCAT score, letter of recommendations, significant healthcare volunteering/shadowing experience, and you meet all other requirements to get through the extraordinarily competitive medical school admissions process. If you are a strong applicant, you can secure a seat in your desired medical school. 

Experience in healthcare settings demonstrates that you have what it takes to work in the medical field. 

Where to find a volunteering opportunity 

Your academic or pre-health advisor will help you. Also, stay in touch with a medical school admissions consulting services provider as you will work with them for medical school admission counseling. From writing a medical school personal statement to a medical school mock interview, a medical school admissions consulting expert will prepare you to get through the medical school admission process. Join pre med clubs. You will be able to make new friends with the same interests and most importantly, you will learn about the available volunteering opportunities.  

You can also visit the website of clinics, hospitals, research facilities, labs, foundations, charities and other organizations for volunteering opportunities in healthcare settings.   

Best Volunteer Experience  

Make sure you have experience in healthcare settings. It should be genuine and you must be interested in it. Look for more than one volunteer experience. This will help you discover what you will really love to do in long-term fit. Don’t do it just because you have to show it in your medical school application. The medical school admission committee will ask some questions about your experience. You should be able to answer their questions during the medical school interview. So, make sure that you have passion and you are invested in this experience. If you have any confusion or questions, get connected with a medical school consulting services provider. 

Multiple Different Experiences or One on-going Experience

You can get more than one different experience. However, each experience should reflect your specific interests. You should be able to complete activities in a given period of time. If you regularly work with the same organization, you may also get significant responsibilities and even leadership roles. You may also get letters of recommendation if you fulfill the assigned duties and network and develop relationships. 

Non-medical Volunteering Experiences  

You can pursue it if you are interested in something other than medicine. This will provide you with a valuable, well-rounded experience. However, you need to demonstrate your commitment to medicine. Therefore, get at least one experience in a healthcare setting. If you are volunteering in a hospital, try to befriend a physician, radiologist, nurse or any other healthcare professional. You may get some extra responsibilities. This will give you more exposure. You may also get a strong letter of recommendation. 

Documenting Experience  

Maintain a resume to document your experiences. Also track your number of activities and time each activity required. When and where did you work? Who supervised you? Maintain a journal. This will help you in writing medical school personal statements and essays. 

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