3 Tips To Choose The Best Natural Spray Tan For Your Skin

3 Tips To Choose The Best Natural Spray Tan For Your Skin

It is the time of the year when you should start thinking of the gorgeous glow that makes you feel comfortable and confident in the warm weather. Getting a suntan through the best natural spray tan method is the easiest and safest way to get tanned. It not only makes the process quick but also proves long lasting results. However in order to get the desired tan all you need to do is choose the right tan color for your skin. Here are a few tips that you should consider when choosing a spray tan for your skin.

Understand the skin to and undertone in advance

The moment you will start your search for the best spray tan in OKC, you will see ample skin clinics that have a variety of spray tan colors to choose from. As you know different shades tend to achieve different results and it all depends on the composition of your skin. Hence you need to invest time in understanding your skin tone as well as its undertone before deciding the color for your spray tan.

Skin tone is the color that is on the surface of the skin. It ranges from fair to dark. Whereas skin’s undertone is the color existing under the surface of the skin. The undertone of the skin is generally categorized as cool, warm or neutral. Make sure you choose your tan shade accordingly.

Choose a color that compliments your skin

Every individual has personal goals when it comes to getting skin tanned. Some of the people are simply looking to enhance their natural skin tone while others wish to go for a shade that is darker than their actual skin tone and suits the summer season. Well, whichever side you wish to incline all you should consider is the fact that your tan color must compliment you natural skin tone and undertone.

If you have fair skin, you should consider a light spray tan color that gives caramel or soft golden shade.

If you have medium skin tone, go for a bronze tone spray tan. This will be the most ideal option for upcoming vacation.

If you have dark skin, you should look for a shade that adds warm glow to your skin. Chocolate shade, cocoa butter are two popular choices among people with dark skin tones. Such colors would add a sun kissed look that you have been always craving for.

Talk to the professionals

It is always good to take suggestions from the experts before getting done with skin tanning. There are times when people get confused about the shade of the tan during their first session. Well, this is why professionals are at the tanning salons. They can guide you about all the dos and don’ts as well as the best spray for tanning.

Experienced professionals can make personalised recommendations depending on your skin type, tone and undertone. With several tan color options available you can easily get a shade that exactly matches your skin tone. Hence never think twice before taking suggestions.

Final Words

Now that you know all the important tips that you should consider before choosing the best natural spray tan, it is time to find the right salon. Slate OKC is one of the renowned skin tan salons that you should definitely check out if you are located in OKC. Book a spray tan session and get the sunless tanning in no time. They provide a safe and natural looking tan. Go check them out and thank us later.

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