10 Tips For Writing An Excellent Essay

Writing sometimes can pose as one of the hardest activities for students to face while in school. Writing itself is a demanding task that requires skill, hard work, and persistence to be good at it. But looking at our world today, I guess the educational system has been on a decline with technology one of the factors causing it.


The habit of writing in students has reduced drastically; students are no longer interested in doing research work, talkless of sitting down to write. They would rather be interested in social media, video gaming, online gambling, and other such activities. The confidence they have is that they can bet essay writing help from online paper writing services which has flooded the internet space. For a fair price, their writing-related projects and assignments are being carried out for them.


Writing a good essay is a skill that a student needs to learn. Essays are simply the expression of one’s ideas, experience, stories presented in a written form. Essays are of different types (argumentative, descriptive, narrative, and expository). Standard essay structures consist of an introduction, the body of the essay, and a conclusion.


The introduction is where you give an overview of the topic you are writing on and it should attract the interest of your readers. Close your introductory paragraph with a thesis statement that states the purpose of your essay. The body of the essay is where your main ideas are explained in paragraphs and then the conclusion is a summary of what you have earlier stated.


Here are the top tips that will make you write an excellent essay:

1.Get familiar with the topic:

 Familiarizing yourself with the essay topic you are about to write is one of the first things you need to do. This can be achieved by looking for sources online, getting help from essay writing service providers such as to get a topic idea from their professional writers.


2.Carry out research on it:

Research is very important as far as writing is concerned. Research helps in giving you quality and concise information on the topic. A good number of research materials that concern your topic when available help you to have better knowledge and understanding of what you intend to write about.


3.Draft your outline:

 Outlines are guides to your writing. An outline carries your essay structure and the main points that will be discussed at each point. Ensure you draft out a good outline and follow it accordingly.


4.Write your introduction:

 Your introduction should be able to tell your readers what the entire essay is all about. It should consist of a paragraph that will introduce your essay into the mind of your readers. Also, note that your introductory paragraph is what will keep your readers to continue reading on.


5.The main ideas should be contained in your body paragraph:

The body paragraph of your essay is where your main points and ideas would be explained. Each main idea containing a topic sentence should be contained in a single paragraph. Also, ensure that there is a logical flow between your paragraphs and ideas.


6.Short direct sentences are perfect:

 Essay sentences are meant to be short, precise, and accurate. Avoid using long sentences in trying to make your idea heard instead break them into a simple and concise manner.


7.Engage your readers:

One of the most exciting things that every reader enjoys is to read a piece that he/she feels a connection with. When writing ensure it is flexible enough to engage your readers. Tell a story and paint a picture of a scene that would make them feel like they are a part of it.


8.The conclusion is important:

An essay conclusion is an important part that helps in crafting a better essay. A conclusion should be a summary of what you have earlier stated. It should also convince your readers of your own impression about a particular subject.


9.Proofread your essay:

 Proofreading an essay is necessary to ensure it is free from spelling and grammatical errors. Proofreading can be done by printing out your essay draft and reading aloud while making corrections or it could also be achieved with the help of a friend. Whichever is suitable for you make sure you always proofread and edit every written essay of yours.


10.Essay writing tools can come in handy:

 Essay writing tools help when trying to carry out an essay writing task. There are many online platforms that give you access to lots of tools that can help you proofread, edit and format your essay perfectly well. They also check the uniqueness of your essay to ensure it is free from plagiarism.

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